How to choose the colour that suits you best

Are you thinking of changing the colour of your hair? Don't gamble! We give you the keys to choose the right colour for your new hair colour.

He who warns is not a traitor. When it comes to choosing a new colour, you should bear in mind that not all shades suit all of us equally. We tell you this because if you want to change your look, don't let yourself be influenced by photos you see on Instagram or the shade your favourite celebrity is wearing.

Watch out, because below we give you the keys to choose the colour that will suit you best.

What colour eyes do you have?

Exactly, one of the factors that determines which shade will look best on you is the shade of your eyes.

Black eyes: girls with black eyes will look great with dark brown or black eyes. chocolate coloured dyesdark brown or black. Intense mahogany will also look great on you and is super trendy. If you're afraid that these intense tones will dull your face, you can always combine a chocolate mane with subtle babylight highlights in auburn tones.

Brown eyes: this is the most common eye colour. In this case, we recommend brown shades. However, if your skin is light, you can also opt for an ash blonde or a copper blonde, a big trend at the moment. If your eyes tend to be honey-coloured, you can combine a light brown hair colour with a gradient balayage with golden highlights - you'll look great!

Green eyes: normally women with this eye tone are more favoured by blonde tones (both ash and dark blonde), although if your skin is tanned we recommend you to opt for a light brown tone with golden highlights, as is the case of Bronde. it is a technique that mixes blonde and brown and allows to illuminate all types of skins in a very flattering way. So, if you have brown hair, you can combine it with golden highlights. If you have blonder hair, you can get flattering shades for your face by applying casual highlights in caramel or hazel tones.

Blue eyes: is this the case for you? If you have fair skin, go for a blonde shade, you'll look great! If your skin is tanned, you can increase the intensity of the tone and opt, as in the previous case, for a Bronde. Now, if you want to take a risk and give your image a 360º turn, why not go for a chocolate shade? It will create a super nice contrast with your skin and eye colour.

Skin tone matters

Although in the previous section we have already given you some recommendations, but which hair colour will suit you best depending on your skin tone?

Light skin: in this case, it is best to opt for the super light blonde range, such as golden, coppery light blondes or, if you don't like to look so light, the softest browns. In these types of shades, it is very important to take into account the colour of the eyebrows. Eyebrows should match the colour of your hair so as not to create too much contrast. Therefore, consider dyeing them as well for a more uniform and flattering result.

Medium skins: browns with golden highlights will be ideal for this type of skin. If you prefer to opt for a blonde hair dye, it is better to choose a golden or coppery shade and avoid more oxygenated blondes. Auburn and chocolate browns can also suit this type of skin, depending on the colour of the eyes.

Tanned skin: this type of skin looks great with chocolate, black and even violin tints. If you feel your features are too hardened, you can always use soft golden highlights.

Alea Color, colouring at home

Now that you know the keys to choosing the shade that will suit you best, it's time to choose! At Alea Colour you will find 26 shades so you can choose the one you like the most. This is a cream hair dye for home application enriched with nourishing oils such as argan and macadamia. It provides maximum coverage and hair care with more intense and long-lasting colours, thanks to the colour's Microparticle technology. The Alea Color formula incorporates a senso-regulating fluid oil that drastically reduces itchiness and redness for a greater sensation of comfort. Perfect, coloured hair!

In the packaging you will find everything you need to apply the dye comfortably and safely:

. Colouring tube: 60ml
. Applicator with developer emulsion: 75ml.
. Colour maintenance shampoo sachet: 10ml
. Colour vitalising sachet: 10ml
. Explanatory leaflet
. Pair of gloves

If you follow the instructions you will see that it is a super easy and intuitive process that won't cost you anything. Changing your image has never been so easy.

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