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Would you like your hair to be healthier and shinier? Silk proteins can make your hair silky and shiny in 5 minutes and every time you wash it, find out how it works on your hair!...

If you're more than furious because you can't get the Glass Hair effect that all the celebrities and influencers are sporting, don't worry, we have the perfect straightening kit for you to do it at home; Liso Pro. The progressive straightening kit with which you'll get a straight hair...

Hair loss affects both women and men. In addition to genetic issues, there are other factors that can cause hair loss. Stress, a busy lifestyle or other types of alopecia take their toll on our hair. Find out how to solve it. ...

Avocado contains vitamins A, B and E which strengthen the hair and fight oxidation. Its essential fatty acids and minerals help to combat frizz and add shine - a must-have product in our beauty routine!

Pomegranate is known to be one of the fruits with the highest concentration of antioxidants that moisturise, nourish and give a spectacular shine. They not only help to fix the colour, but also protect it, hydrate it and maintain its shine.

Do you know what the combination of olive oil, moringa oil and argan oil can do for your hair? Find this combination of superfoods in Elixir Mediterraneo, the serum that will leave your hair healthy, shiny and full of vitality....

Water, antioxidants and minerals are the components of aloe vera that make it an almost essential ingredient in beauty products. One of the key ingredients to combat dandruff and keep the scalp hydrated....


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