The smoothing kit that's revolutionising it girls

Can you imagine a keratin treatment to do at home that leaves your hair straight for 2 months? It exists and it's called Liso Pro. We have the straightening that all the it girls want. Say goodbye to unwanted volume with the progressive straightening kit that will give you salon straight hair in just 30 minutes. What are you waiting for to try it?

What is it about Liso Pro that is so popular? The actress Esmeralda Moya couldn't resist and it seems that she was not the only one... The influencer Lidia Bedmanand the presenter Carola Balez Tena or the it girl Carla Vilà o Júlia Martínez have fallen in love with this straightening kit that makes their lives so much easier.

Who can resist a smoothing that can be done at home and in just 30 minutes? Difficult, isn't it?

Keratin straightening kit at home

Smooth Pro is a progressive straightening kit for home use that reduces frizz and volume thanks to its professional formula of low molecular weight hydrolysed keratin, which allows it to penetrate the hair fibre and strengthens it from the inside.

In addition, its composition consists of three oils: olive oil, which moisturises, moringa oil, which provides an anti-ageing effect on the hair, and argan oil, which keeps the hair healthy and full of vitality. The result is a smooth, well-cared-for mane that lasts for two months, if the process is carried out correctly and the maintenance advice is followed.

Straightening in three steps

Unlike other keratin straighteners out there, Liso Pro only requires one wash, one blow-dry and one ironing.

Its co-wash formula has been designed to enhance the smoothing action of its active ingredients, which, thanks to the base's lifting properties, reduce application time to a single rinse. Here we go!

  1. With previously previously washed hairwithout conditioner and towel-dried, divide your hair into four parts and apply the serum. apply the serum in fine strands with the help of a comb and gloves. Massage to emulsify the product, do not apply to the scalp..
  2. Leave to act for 30 minutes and then proceed to rinse with water.
  3. Dry hair and brush thoroughly. Next, flat iron in fine strands 6 to 10 times per strand. To finish, apply a small amount of Mediterranean Elixir on mid-lengths and ends to seal the treatment.

For best results, do not wash or wet your hair within 24 hours. 24 hoursVoilà, perfect hair!

Each pack allows a minimum of 2 applications. Now you know, a professional finish in a quick and easy way.  

Where to buy it?

Do you also want to have the mane of the it girls? You can find your Liso Pro at:

. El Corte Inglés: go to your nearest ECI and buy your kit to fall in love with your straight hair again.

. Other specialised perfumeries: look them up here.

. Eshop: buy it from home by clicking here. You will receive it within 48/72 hours.

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