Alea Power Blond

Fast and safe bleaching! Alea Power Blonde is a progressive bleaching powder with high lightening power. It achieves the desired shade and lightens unwanted hair on arms and legs, its formula with oatmeal provides maximum comfort and care, as well as a pleasant fragrance.


Pack of 24 units.

Alea Developer Emulsion is required for mixing - find out more in the application section!


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    Mix in a non-metallic container a 30g sachet of Alea Power Blond bleach with Alea Developer Emulsion (75 ml). Shake until you obtain a homogeneous cream without lumps. Apply the mixture evenly and leave on for 10 minutes if used on arm or leg hair, and 20-40 minutes on hair.

    For root touch-up, start application on the darkest areas and spread evenly over the rest of the hair. The variation of exposure time depends on the thickness and natural colour of your hair. At the end of the time, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.



    Alea Power Blonde has a high lightening power for highlights and hair (arms and legs). Its formula contains organic oils for greater care and comfort and V-Action, which acts as an anti-yellowing effect mattifier.



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    Oatmeal: formulated with oatmeal for extra care and a pleasant fragrance for maximum comfort.

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    Organic oils: for extra care and comfort.

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    V-Action: anti-yellowing effect mattifier.

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    Cruelty free. Animal cruelty free

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